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Car Wash  
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QSR Fast Food Operators Discover Faster Cash Flow with Modular Restaurants
Fast food, ice cream and beverage kiosk operators along with quick serve restaurant markets have know for years that modular buildings can mean more easily managed growth and faster cash flow generation. Click here to read the story from the Modular Building Institute.
We can design, manufacture and install a GREEN LEED Commissioned restaurant, convenience store or other commercial building to United States Green Building Council standards. LEED is the Green gold-standard today.Call or Email us for more information. Slash utility costs. Payback for an investment in Green Construction is less than 10 years with huge savings in all successive years.
7 Year Depreciation
Because modular commercial construction results in a building being relocatable or moveable the current tax laws provide for 7 year accelerated depreciation. A huge tax and cash flow advantage considering stick-built construction typically requires a 39 year depreciation schedule. Call or Email us for more information to review with your professional tax advisers.,
Convenience Store
Car Wash
Faster Cash Flow for Fast Food & Drive Thru Kiosks
Move or relocate building anytime
AMT Company News
Oct, 2005
DOUBLE DRIVE THRU COFFEE KIOSK PROTOTYPE: An upscale coffee franchisor selects American Modular Technologies to develop "high image" drive thru coffee kiosk for their rapidly expanding franchise.
Dec, 2005
C-STORE PRODUCTION: A large Midwestern food chain is expanding their fuel business by ordering several C-Stores from American Modular Technologies.
July, 2006
QSR Selects AMT to engineer and manufacture new prototype restaurant for national distribution.



Choose a car wash floor plan from an existing engineered floor plan and save money by minimizing or eliminating new car wash building design engineering charges. Choose any exterior. Lots of existing floor plans to fit all car wash equipment of your choice.


Split face block exterior single bay car wash.

 Option A

2 Bay Glass
Car Wash

1 - 3 Bay
Satin Aluminum-type
Car Wash

Single Bay
High Image
Car Wash
with fascia

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Why Choose Modular Commercial Construction?

  • Open more stores in less time
  • Manufacturing begins when zoning approves building plans
  • Install building when site is prepared, weeks ahead of stick built construction
  • Fewer hassles and less stress dealing with general contractors
  • Quality controlled consistency in construction and materials
  • Faster state and local zoning approvals
  • Accelerated depreciation; 7 Year depreciation may apply
  • No or minimal design engineering charges when choosing one of many existing design floor plans.


Car Wash
Open Sooner

Manufacturing of any AMT building commences as soon as zoning approves sealed drawings. In many cases, your car wash is ready for delivery and installation as soon as the site is prepared often weeks before conventional 'stick built' construction. Generate cash flow quicker, sooner.

Demolish Old
Install New
C-Store in

Often a convenience store or car wash must be replaced jeopardizing customers during many weeks of site disruption due to construction. With proper coordination with general contractor, an existing building can be demolished and a new car wash or C-Store installed, ready for internal equipment outfitting and inventory stocking in as little as two (2) weeks.

7 Year
Faster Write-Off

Because modular construction can be disassembled and relocated, 7 year depreciation of the building may apply resulting in great cash flow and quicker write-off. (Consult with your accountant for more information.)

Interior & Exterior
Material Options

Just like conventional 'stick built' construction, there are unlimited interior and exterior material options. Call us without obligation to discuss your site and building goals, needs and budget. We will offer options and explain our rationale for our recommendations so you can make an informed decision.

No Engineering
Save Money

Save thousand of dollars in design engineering costs when selecting a floor plan and building from our vast portfolio of buildings designed over the past 50 years. In most cases, we will have a convenience store, car wash, school or other building that is close to your ideal design parameters. Also save weeks waiting for engineers and architects to submit drawings for your consideration.


Modular construction can be disassembled and moved, a criteria for 7 year depreciation. If real estate sells or a site does not perform financially as intended, move the building to another location across town or in another state as needed.

Modular Rollouts
thru modular

A national or regional modular building 'rollout' program is easier to manage -- quicker to implement --faster to develop a territory - - plus provides a competitive advantage. We have and are helping franchisors develop and successfully implement a modular building program. Call us for references and more information in complete confidence.

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