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QSR Fast Food Operators Discover Faster Cash Flow with Modular Restaurants
Fast food, ice cream and beverage kiosk operators along with quick serve restaurant markets have know for years that modular buildings can mean more easily managed growth and faster cash flow generation. Click here to read the story from the Modular Building Institute.
We can design, manufacture and install a GREEN LEED Commissioned restaurant, convenience store or other commercial building to United States Green Building Council standards. LEED is the Green gold-standard today.Call or Email us for more information. Slash utility costs. Payback for an investment in Green Construction is less than 10 years with huge savings in all successive years.
7 Year Depreciation
Because modular commercial construction results in a building being relocatable or moveable the current tax laws provide for 7 year accelerated depreciation. A huge tax and cash flow advantage considering stick-built construction typically requires a 39 year depreciation schedule. Call or Email us for more information to review with your professional tax advisers.,
Convenience Store
Car Wash
Faster Cash Flow for Fast Food & Drive Thru Kiosks
Move or relocate building anytime
AMT Company News
Oct, 2005
DOUBLE DRIVE THRU COFFEE KIOSK PROTOTYPE: An upscale coffee franchisor selects American Modular Technologies to develop "high image" drive thru coffee kiosk for their rapidly expanding franchise.
Dec, 2005
C-STORE PRODUCTION: A large Midwestern food chain is expanding their fuel business by ordering several C-Stores from American Modular Technologies.
July, 2006
QSR Selects AMT to engineer and manufacture new prototype restaurant for national distribution.

QSR Drive Thru & Dine-In Restaurant

America's #1 Double Drive Thru QSR Manufacturer

 1 Week to Install a Fully Operational Fast Food Restaurant



Upscale Coffee Kiosk

High Image Coffee, Ice Cream & Burger Kiosk


 High Quality

 Materials & Workmanship

50 year building life

5 Year Structural Warranty Option



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Why you should consider modular?
  • 7 year depreciation vs. 39.5 for stick built

  • 30 - 40 year lifecycle due to all steel, premium construction

  • No need to scrape & rebuild after 20 years

  • Move, sell or relocate restaurant anytime due to:
      - poor sales
      - after 20 year capital lease
      - sell to another restauranteur

  • Only 1 architectural design fee used for many restaurants

  • Open 6 - 12 weeks faster with modular

  • Scrape & rebuild - close to reopen - 30 days

Read why modular can generate faster profits from an article published by Modular Building Institute.

Q. Why should you consider modular construction if shipping can make a modular system built restaurant a little more expensive than stick built construction?

A. With modular you can open weeks sooner and that means a lot of money. Calculate your average gross profit of daily sales revenue and multiply times the number of days you can open sooner with commercial modular system built construction. Also write-off the restaurant in 7 years rather than 39.5 years with stick-built construction. Consider being able to move the restaurant after a 20 year capital lease program or if the retail location does not meeting sales expectations. Looking only at the initial cost of a restaurant building can be misleading. Some of our large QSR customers open 45 days after AMT sets the restaurant on a site.

Consider Other Reasons Modular Makes Sense

  • Do I really want the headaches of dealing with a general contractor for several months? Then the delays due to weather?
  • Can I relocate my restaurant? If the site does not perform well financially, how important is it to know you can easily relocated a steel and masonry modular restaurant?
  • You might be able to depreciate the restaurant as equipment? Or, talk with your accountant. Modular often depreciates over 7 years versus 30 for stick built construction.
  • Modular buildings are approved by your state so there are no potential state or local zoning issues to delay construction and eventual installation and grand opening.

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